5 Unbelievable Tips About Art Therapy For Adults

Art Therapy

February is typically one of the coldest months. Art therapy is a beautiful and creative outlet and a form of sensory therapy to explore during these stay-at-home times. Not only is this an excellent cognitive exercise, but it can also encourage conversations and connections. 

Art therapy has long been considered to be a healing process. It can be a rewarding experience to make something from nothing, using pencils, paint, clay, or other materials. For those aged 65 and over, art therapy can also help restore small motor functioning and a general sense of well-being. Today many programs are conducted in a social atmosphere allowing for social distancing; still allowing seniors to develop relationships and interactions with others.

The benefits of art therapy programs for seniors:

Increases cognitive skills and intellectual stimulation

Challenging seniors to be artistic encourages them to stretch their minds and look at things from a different viewpoint. The simple development process can activate the senses and cause long-forgotten memories for those struggling with memory loss.

It improves physical/motor abilities and relieves pain

The development of artwork encourages coordination through small, purposeful movements, improving minor discomfort and the immune system. For example, art helps more senior people to dwell less on pain and sorrow. It will encourage the elderly to focus instead on the creative process.

Promotes socialization and communication

Art enables an alternative way to communicate with others. This helps to alleviate feelings of depression and isolation that many seniors might experience. Therefore those who have trouble expressing themselves or interacting with others may also find it extremely beneficial to use visual means.

It alleviates tension and anxiety

Creating art makes it possible to convey emotions freely, helping to reduce tension, anxiety, and uncertainty.

Self-awareness and self-expression are encouraged

Finally, art helps seniors to articulate themselves. A powerful, meaningful way to share our lives with others can be to express ourselves through art. Plus, discovering a new creative outlet will reveal personal interests that many do not know they have.

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