What Wikipedia Can’t Explain About A Standby Guardian

One of the most challenging and often contentious decisions that parents of minor children must make is who will be their minor children’s standby guardian(s) in the event of an accident. While the possibility of this happening is not something anyone wants to think about, it is an issue that parents must address.  Designating a […]

A Social Network For Seniors

One of the biggest challenges many seniors face as they age isn’t about healthcare or ADLs; it’s about losing their social network. Many seniors find themselves without nearby friends to meet up with for everyday socializing. This is often the case as friends pass away or move closer to their families. To make matters worse, many […]

The Reasons Why We Love Swimming For Seniors

You are already aware that exercise has numerous advantages for seniors, such as improved heart health, increased flexibility, and stronger muscles. Furthermore, exercise can help reduce the risk of injury while also enhancing our mood and mental acuity. Swimming for seniors is a particularly beneficial exercise. Water exercises allow the elderly to stay in shape […]

Elevate Your Brain Training With These 4 Apps For Seniors

Brain Training

Dementia and cognitive loss are common among senior citizens. The brain’s neuroplasticity helps it to adapt to changes. To improve or sustain cognitive functioning, the brain adapts as its neuronal connections strengthen. Studies show brain training activities reduce the risk of dementia by around 30%. These activities are successful in both cognitively disabled and non-cognitively impaired older […]

April Showers Bring May Flowers and Elder Law Month

What Is Elder Law? Elder law is a legal term that refers to a branch of law that focuses on issues affecting the world’s aging population. It is the only area of law practice that is defined by the client it serves. We are showing our support for senior citizens this month. The National Academy […]