National Book Month: Why Reading To Your Grandkids Is Important

Edited by Rory Clark

October is National Book Month. The world of literature is filled with creativity and beauty, and National Book Month celebrates just that. If your child is blessed with grandparents, you should encourage them to begin their reading traditions. The science substantiates the claims that daily reading to a child has an incredible number of benefits. Additionally, it prepares children for success in a variety of ways.

The Benefits of Grandparents as Narrators:

It Opens the Door for Communication

Reading a book to your grandchild provides time for interaction. Reading together allows more one-to-one attention and may encourage children to open up about things on their minds. And hearing their grandparents’ stories can intensify the feeling of belonging to a family unit and their place within it. Therefore, when used wisely, reading times together becomes an opportunity for communication and developing a special rapport.

Positive Reading Habits

For children, sharing reading with a grandparent will help them to develop key life skills, including social and communication abilities. It builds their language development, and their sense of cultural awareness. It inspires curiosity and imagination. Children who learn to look at books, listen to stories, discuss them, reflect on them, and ask questions are preparing to become readers. This prepares them for addressing some of life’s demands and questions.

Positive Role Model

You will serve as a positive role model for your grandchildren, showing and teaching them how to choose books, listen to stories, use an expression for enjoyment, read fluently for comprehension, and learn to comprehend through word-picture matching.

For older adults, reading with children provides an opportunity to contribute to their development. According to research from the University of Oxford, grandparents are critical to children’s well-being. A recent poll of older adults revealed that most prefer to spend quality time with their grandchildren by reading to them. In fact, they can provide guidance and support, as well as a listening ear for confidential conversations. They become more involved in the lives of children and may even strengthen relationships with their own.

Encouraging Reading Skills 

You will be promoting the development of reading and other skills and fostering an attitude of education for life. You can demonstrate to your grandchildren the value of listening, fluent reading aloud, questioning, predicting, and sharing through your leadership.

Passing on Wisdom

You’ll be able to pass on the knowledge you’ve gained over the years to them. As you read and interact with the pages of the book you chose or were asked to read by your grandchild, you pass on this knowledge. Those priceless moments will live on in their hearts forever.

Reading Virtually

We can now stay connected with our loved ones across long distances thanks to technology. With more people connecting with loved ones via FaceTime or Zoom, now is the ideal time to begin reading to your grandkids virtually!

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