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Rosie’s Pet Trust

Priscilla was a mom and a grandmother, but after her husband died, she was lonely. She wanted companionship but didn’t want to burden her family with her loneliness.

Her friend Ellen, who loved exotic birds, suggested Priscilla get a pet, perhaps a bird.

With Ellen’s help, Priscilla soon became the proud owner of a beautiful scarlet macaw named Rosie.
Rosie was a mere 20 years old, full of personality, conversation, and antics.

Rosie and Priscilla bonded quickly, and soon, Priscilla was less lonely. There was someone in the house that she could talk to. What Rosie said didn’t necessarily make sense, but the place was less quiet and more like when she had the whole family there!

A young 70 years of age, Priscilla began to wonder what would happen to Rosie when she passed away, knowing that scarlet macaws can live up to 75 years. Wanting to have a plan in place for Rosie’s care, Priscilla spoke to her children and grandchildren about taking care of Rosie. Everyone loved Rosie, but none could provide a home or the necessary financial resources for her when Priscilla died. Ellen was happy to take Rosie into her house but was also concerned about the financial aspect of her care.

Priscilla remembered that her Legacy Elder Law Center team had created all her estate planning documents a few years before, so she decided to reach out to them for some guidance. Much to her surprise and delight, the Legacy Elder Law Center recommended a Pet Trust for Rosie. The Trust could be funded now or when Priscilla died. The money in the Trust would be used to pay for the birds’ expenses such as food, supplies, and medical care and provide a care plan for Rosie once Priscilla had passed away.

Priscilla was thrilled that the Legacy Elder Law Center could help her accomplish a solution to such a big concern. Rosie’s Pet Trust was created at no time, providing a plan and guidance for Rosie’s care and well-being. Priscilla made all the decisions for Rosie and even received some excellent recommendations from the lawyers, creating backup plans that would deal with any possible hiccups along the way.

After Priscilla signed the papers for Rosie’s Pet Trust, she went home to tell Rosie all about what she had done. They had a long, happy conversation; not that Rosie knew what was said, but she knew Priscilla was delighted.

Our pets are family, too.

Let the Legacy Elder Law Center help you care for them with our Pet Trust, just as you care for the rest of your family.

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