"What I like most are customer service and prompt responsiveness. "One size fits all" is not always correct and needs some adjustments. It is not easy to know everything involved in organizing and making a last will and testament. It is refreshing to get the help and assistance needed to tie everything up in an excellent package and prevent any "disaster" in the future. Thank you very much for caring and doing an outstanding job."
Maria P.
"I have worked with Mr.Rory Clark on several occasions that involved strategic planning. He has always been well prepared, patient, and well informed. He knows what questions to ask and is obviously very knowledgeable. I highly recommend him and his firm to anyone looking for estate planning or other related services."
C. M.
"Thank you so much for your most informative presentation on elder law to the Seniors at St. John the Beloved. Your topic was most timely for all of us. You drew an overflow crowd which was most grateful for your extremely helpful and enlightening presentation. A number of the folks approached me afterwards to say how much they appreciated your candid comments and valuable suggestions. Thank you for taking the time from your busy schedule to share your professional insights with us."
P. W.
"Rory has been our attorney for over 20 years. He has proven to be excellent in counsel to us, and to others we have referred to him. We would not go anywhere else."
C. F.
"Everything. We came in knowing nothing and weren't sure how to protect my family best. We left knowing exactly what was to be done and our next course of action. Everything, and I do mean everything, was handled with expert care and with fantastic attention to detail!"
Samual M.
"After attending a seminar provided by The Legacy Elder Law Center, my three sisters and I hired them to help with protecting my mother's assets and to assist with VA benefits and estate planning documents. Three of the four sisters were mostly in agreement on every issue. One sister fought us every step of the way. The attorneys at this firm walked us through the process, including sitting in on several arguments between sisters. They helped to quell the disagreements by providing solid information and explaining the process many times until all were in agreement. They saved us thousands of dollars over the three years before our mother's death from Alzheimer's. I highly recommend Legacy for all of your estate planning and asset protection needs."
C. R.
"Supremely knowledgeable yet never condescending, it is clear they genuinely care about providing their clients with the sophisticated guidance needed in today's continually evolving and complex environment. We proudly recommend Legacy Elder Law Center."
S. & S. M.
"Rory Clark and the rest of the team there have helped me with several legal needs over the years, including making sure my family assets were protected during difficult situations. They explain things in a simple manner, put it on a platter, and make the complex seem routine. I would highly recommend this firm for anyone with estate planning or other legal needs."
J. A.
"After I retired, my wife and I chose the Legacy Elder Law Center to handle our estate planning. Not only did they answer our questions but told us the answers to questions we didn't even know to ask. I never knew lawyers had so much compassion. His experience and easy manner led us through the process, and we were very pleased with the final results."
W. O.

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