Who We Are

A Guide to help you

Guiding clients through a difficult life journey takes more than a law degree. It takes the right kind of experience – both professional and personal. More than almost any other area of the law, experience with how to effectively deal with difficult family dynamics and personal challenges can be at least as important as knowing the law.

From our managing partner on down, every member of our compassionate staff has had to personally walk the kind of journeys that our clients walk. Each one of us has learned the power of empathy in a very personal way. We not only have decades of experience in the “what” that needs to be done, we achieve the best results, because we know “how” to make those things happen in a world full of difficulty.

Our founder’s personal journey, like each of our own, may be unique. But all of our paths have a lot in common. For Rory, it was helping his mother, who was always the planner in the family, maintain control during her 14-year journey with Parkinson’s disease. Helping his father, a World War II veteran, maintain dignity while fighting Alzheimer’s Disease for 11 years was a very different challenge. So too was the critical need to raise his two boys, one with Autism and the other with partial blindness caused by an auto-immune disorder, to be strong and independent young men.

Whether the challenge was brought on by something as difficult as quadriplegia, cancer, dementia, Down’s Syndrome, or something as “routine” as loss of mobility due to aging, we have walked that journey as individuals. We understand in a very personal way what it means to try to do the right thing for a loved one while there is another family member who is more interested in his or her personal agenda.

As Rory often says, being specialists in elder and special needs law makes us better sons and daughters to our own parents and children, but having to walk our personal journeys absolutely makes us better guides to our clients.