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Estate Planning For Young Adults

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Edited by Rory Clark

Planning for Young Adults

Our kids grow up so quickly that we forget the laws that protect the privacy of adults automatically kick into place when our children turn 18. Young adults need a simple, yet thoughtful, plan that allows those they trust most to have access to important information and make critical decisions in medical and/or financial emergencies.

Special Tools for Young People

Without the proper written authority, you might not be able to access information or make decisions in a time of crisis.  Because of the tools available within the Legacy Elder Law Center’s special plan for young adults, you will be able to communicate with health professionals, make emergency decisions, work with college professors and finance offices, as well as deal with landlords and housing departments.

Planning For Young Adults:

  • Advance Medical Directive and Durable Healthcare Power of Attorney with HIPPA Authorizations
  • Simple Durable General Financial Power of Attorney
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