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Guardianships And Conservatorships

Edited by Rory Clark

Protection for Those Who Cannot Protect Themselves

Guardianship and conservatorship claims are fraught with emotion, confusion and detail. The courts attempt to safeguard the rights of the child, adult, or senior who is involved, while being respectful of the desires of the parents, spouse, children, or other individuals seeking the appointment.  It can be difficult to balance the interests of all the parties involved, especially if the matter is contested.  Sometimes the rights of the guardian can get left out or even trampled. To help the process go smoothly, hiring a lawyer is strongly recommended.

At the Legacy Elder Law Center, our team is specifically trained to understand the wide array of complex guardianship and conservatorship laws.  We understand the legal process intimately and ensure that all documentation is handled appropriately so you don’t have to become an expert at getting the court to take that protects all parties.  In every case, the first thing the court does is appoint a guardian ad litem (a temporary guardian to assist the court during the pendency of the case).  An often-overlooked detail of the guardianship/conservatorship process is the critical negotiations that go on with the GAL that can permanently affect the rights of both the person needing assistance and the guardian.  We have extensive experience in guiding caring people through the complex and confusing court-appointment process.

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