MCCP terms and conditions

The Medicaid Concierge Care Plan is an annual, automatically renewing membership service of the Legacy Elder Law Center.  Membership agreements executed in the first six months of any calendar year will terminate on June 30 of the following calendar year.  Membership agreements executed in the second six months of any calendar year will terminate on December 31 of the following calendar year.  Please contact us a month or two before the termination date to schedule your next Annual Review Meeting.  You authorize auto-renewal by your method of payment on the 10th day of the last month of your annual membership.  You may cancel auto-renewal of your annual CCP membership at any time at least one full business day before the date of your auto-renewal by sending a “Notice of Cancellation of Auto-Renewal” by email to [email protected].

Membership in the Medicaid Concierge Care Program entitles you to the following:

1. Assistance with annual Medicaid benefits renewal application.

2. Intermediary services as needed between you and the Medicaid eligibility worker.

3. Manage ongoing “reasonable efforts to sell” strategy to include marketing, realtor/broker communication and preparation and assistance of execution of listing agreement extension(s), if applicable.

4. Analysis of financial statements to ensure and maintain eligibility.

5. Complimentary telephone calls and emails with our staff regarding your loved ones ongoing Medicaid eligibility.

6. Complimentary consultation to discuss options in the event a family member becomes incapacitated, needs immediate long-term care or dies.

7. Provide advice regarding Medicaid Estate Recovery, as applicable.

8. Ten (10) percent discount on all services provided by our firm. (Excluding any CCP Renewal).

9. Complimentary Notary services.

10. Client-accessible online digital lockbox to store electronic copies of planning documents.

11. Unlimited participation in LELC’s Exclusive Education Programs (if any).

Special Terms:

  1. Additional costs incurred by the firm, such as recordation and filing fees, overnight delivery, accounting fees or expenses may be billed separately.
  2. While we do not provide advocacy services between you and your chosen in-home care agency or nursing facility, we can provide you with references to care managers who can help with medically related care issues. We can provide advocacy services under a separate agreement at reduced rates for MCCP members.
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